I have been shooting professionally since 2011 ranging from weddings, family portraits, maternity, kids parties, various events, fashion shows and even blog photos. I don't limit myself to what type of shoots I do. Have an idea of something unique? I'm down for anything and everything!

As is with all my personal photography, I have a very distinctive style when shooting weddings, events and lifestyle. My photography has a photo-journalistic style where intense, genuine emotions come through as well as spontaneity. I ensure there is a balance between portraits and the natural unposed photos.


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About Photoshoots

Use the booking form below to request a booking for a photoshoot and I will get back to you to discuss the details and confirm the date and times.

FAQ below covers all you need to know regarding planning, rates, travelling, payment and delivery.

Alternatively, if you'd like to find out more or book alternative dates or times to what is shown on the booking form, you can use the contact form.

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Prices Vary
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of photoshoots do you do?

Anything and everything! I have done numerous weddings, all sorts of events, family portraits, maternity, baby shoots, matric dances, kid’s parties, Airbnb, artistic shoots, thesis image shoots and more! Please visit my portfolio page to view a few of the shoots I've done.

I'm up for a challenge so hit me up with ideas!

What are your rates and do you have packages?

I have various packages that suit a range of photoshoots. I can also adapt packages to suit your needs. Please send me an enquiry with the type of photoshoot you'd like to do and I can send through the best suited package and rates. Please note that I do not limit the amount of photos you receive in ANY of the packages. The more photos we shoot, the more photos you receive! I do basic editing to the photos and edit a selected range of photos to black and white or cream tone

Do you travel for wedding, event and lifestyle shoots?

Definitely! I'm willing to travel as far as need be. When enquiring on a photoshoot please specify location so that we can discuss the necessary details

How long until I get my photos after a shoot?

Please expect photos within 6-8 weeks for weddings and up to 3 weeks for other shoots.

I don't limit the amount of photos you receive so it does take a bit of time to get through it all

Is a deposit needed when booking a shoot?

Yes. For event and lifestyle shoots a 50% deposit of the total photoshoot cost is needed to secure the date. For weddings a R1000 is payable to secure the date, 50% of the total cost is payable 1 week before the wedding and the balance on receiving the photos.

Can you meet up to discuss a photoshoot before the day?

Yes. I recommend meeting a couple for a wedding shoot to discuss the details and get a feel of who you are and what you'd like. I'm able to meet to discuss any other shoot as well to brainstorm concepts, discuss details etc.

How can I ensure I plan properly and achieve the best photos?

Please carefully consider the location and time of the day. I can't stress this enough. Lighting and background play such a huge role in the quality and variety of photos.

Interesting buildings and activity are important in an urban setting.

If the location is nature based then an area with diversity or a change in landscape will allow for a variety of settings and photos.

Sunrises and sunsets set a mood and the softer light is a photographers favourite! However, depending on the type of shoot and the mood that we'd like to achieve, sometimes harsh contrasting light in the right setting can add character and vibrancy to the shoot.

Always make sure you are dressed comfortably (sorry brides). We'll most likely be moving around. You also want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident - photos can quite easily reflect your emotions.

I am happy to suggest locations, times, dress and concepts prior to the shoot.

Do you offer an aftershoot for weddings?

Yes I do, and I'd highly recommend it. This will allow me to focus on candid, in the moment shots of the couple, close relatives and guests. These photos are important as they tell a story, show emotions from the day and allow you to just be YOU and enjoy the wedding without thinking of having to take too much time away from family and friends to pose for photos. The aftershoot can focus on couple portraits and we can ensure we're at the best location with the best lighting. Sometimes the program on the wedding day does not allow for the best setting and time could be an issue.

Do you work with a 2nd shooter?

No I don't but I can organise a 2nd shooter if need be. (I do often recommend an aftershoot instead of a 2nd shooter)

How are photos delivered?

We can arrange to meet to hand over the photos. Photos are delivered on a custom USB. Wedding photos will be delivered with a few printouts

How do I go about booking a photoshoot with you?

You can make an enquiry through the booking form or enquiry form above with all your details so I can get back to you. Please specify the type of shoot you'd like to do, when you'd like to do it, for how long and location (if it's location based for an event or wedding).

Alternatively you can email me directly.

If you would like to communicate telephonically please send me your details so that I can get back to you

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